Video: Man Punches a Kangaroo in the Face to Rescue His Dog

The kangaroo never saw it coming. He messed with the wrong Aussie

Australia is a weird and wonderful place. It is full of interesting and unique creatures and people. In this video, you get to see both of those in action.

In something I can only imagine happening in Australia a man finds out looking for Kangaroos comes across one. unfortunately, his dog found the kangaroo first, or should I say the kangaroo found his dog.

The kangaroo had his dog in a headlock that put his dog in peril. The kangaroo could have easily slit the dog open with his back claws.

The dog owner jumps into action and confronts the kangaroo. The dog wrestles free and the owner faces up against the kangaroo. He hits the beast with a quick right and hook and catches him off guard.

One of the strangest sights you will ever see. Everyone escaped without injury, except maybe the Kangaroo’s pride.