The Ultimate Must Try to Believe Thanksgiving Leftover Creations

Stuffing waffles? How good that be bad.

The Ultimate Thanksgiving Leftover Creations from Bother Green Eats. The recipes look amazing. We will definitely be trying something over the next few days.

On the Menu:

  • Stuffed Stuffing Waffle
  • Turkey Sliders with Thanksgiving BBQ Sauce
  • Thanksgiving pizza with Sweet Potato Crust
  • Leftover Pie Creme Brulee

Here is their description:

We’ve all seen the classic thanksgiving recipes about a zillion times, any by now its hard to get super excited about making them. Even though your family might expect the standards for , there’s still room for creativity post thanksgiving! Gather up your leftovers, gather up your friends and get wacky in the kitchen! USA, LLC