Have U2 Plays Just For You

Oh, and you can also help end AIDs. So there’s that.


To celebrate (RED)’s 10th anniversary, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation will match every dollar raised by (RED) this year up to $78MM.

As part of (RED’s) Celebration Omaze is giving you the chance to have your own private show from U2. Here is what they have to say about it.

Their tours have shattered records across the globe, but for one lucky fan, the biggest U2 show of the year just might be the smallest. That’s right—you and a friend will get flown out for a private U2, dress rehearsal experience. It’s a front row, backstage, VIP experience all rolled into one. You will hear your favorite U2 songs during an intimate performance like no other. Flights and hotel are on us.

Here is what your donation will do:

The life-saving ARV pills that prevent HIV+ moms from passing the virus to their unborn babies cost just 30 cents a day in sub-Saharan Africa. When you donate to win a (RED) experience on Omaze, you’re helping to ensure more moms get access to that medication, and you’re helping get closer to the goal of an AIDS FREE GENERATION.

This a great chance to both help others and get the opportunity to hang out with the boys from U2.

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