Terrifying Facts About 14 Seemingly Adorable Animals

A recently posted an article that is, not only trending, but is dishing out some pretty startling facts about the animals that we think are cute and cuddly. Although the perceptions of these animals are of cartoon like friendliness, in reality they are not that at all. Some these facts are even downright disturbing.

Here are few of our favorites from the Buzz Feed Article.

Dachshunds can, and will, attack you if they feel threatened.


Pitbull’s get most of the bad press, but a 2008 study determined that despite their small size, dachshunds are actually the most aggressive dog breed, and the ones more likely to bite strangers and lash out at their owners. One dachshund even gnawed off his owner’s toe while she slept.

Emperor penguins kidnap other penguins’ babies.

If a female emperor penguin loses her own chick, she’ll occasionally steal a baby belonging to another penguin. Even worse, she’ll quickly tire of her cute little prisoner and just abandon it, leaving it to die from exposure or from predator attacks.

Polar bears are cannibals

Hamsters? Also cannibals.

happy mouse smiling at his turnip cabbage

Platypuses will poison you.

They may look like the cute, harmless offspring of an otter and a duck, but platypuses have venomous stingers on their back feet. The venom likely can’t kill humans, but their stingers still hurt like a motherfucker.

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