This Simple Idea Will Help You Save Money on Groceries


If you are in to saving money, and who isn’t, then you are going to love this money saving idea. Jamie Cattanach, a saving blogger with The Penny Hoarder, wrote a great post about how to save money on Groceries by comparing prices at your local stores. She even provides you with a handy worksheet to get you started.

Most of us, when it comes to grocery shopping, end up at the most convenient place. We frequent the store close to home, the store on our way home, or the store we feel like gives us the best deal. That is a great recipe for not saving money while shopping. When it comes to saving money while shopping knowledge is power, and there is no better to gain real saving knowledge then a good side by side comparison.

With that said, a good comparison chart is only good to you if your new found knowledge into action.

You could take the results, break the items down to where they are cheapest and do a store hopping shopping spree. But let’s be honest that sounds exhausting.

That method a little extreme for our tastes. Our approach is more of a overall savings approach. Find out which store saves you money most often on the total bill and shop there when you do your major grocery shopping.

Another simple approach, if you are the kind of person that does shopping in smaller trips, is to use the information to help you know where to buy which items. For example, if store “B” has the cheapest chicken, drop by store “B” on your way home to pick up chicken. Repeat process for other items. Save lots of money.

Either way you do your shopping the chart idea is a great way to gather the information you need to start saving tons of money on your grocery shopping.

Check out The Penny Hoarder’s article and download the chart here.