You are probably wasting about $2,000 of food every year.


I assume you come to a site like this because you are like us. You love a good deal, enjoy saving money, and absolutely hate to waste it. And let’s face it, we all could use an extra couple thousand dollars a year.

When I came across this article on Thrillist I was so excited I had to share it with my fellow “Save-a-holics”.

Here is a breakdown of the finer points. For the full article go here.

To start saving, you need to know what you are wasting

Keeping a food diary for a few weeks is the best way to have all of your food-wasting habits laid out in black and white.

Start at the source

“Shopping is where you commit to food, it’s where you commit your money and your resources,” said Gunders. “The more organized you are, and the more restraint you show, can be two key factors to remember at the market.

Don’t be afraid of the freezer

I generally don’t like to eat the same thing two days in a row, but I am constantly finding myself with leftovers. I bought some cheap-ass Tupperware, started freezing my excess meals and found them just fine to eat days later.

Forget about most expiration dates

So much of our food ends up in the trash thanks to our culture’s over-vigilance on adhering to what is, frankly, a pretty fucked-up expiration-labeling system …

Get creative with recipes

“Having a designated day of the week — like Fridge Friday — to empty out what you have, and making a concerted effort to use what you have can go a long way,”

If you’re intrigued by these tips you definitely should go check out the full article. It is a great read.