Save $40 on the Amazon Echo

Today only.


Today marks the second birthday of the Amazon Echo. In celebration, you can save $40 on it – a 22% discount!

What is the Echo? It’s a wireless speaker that can also receive voice commands. The Echo can integrate with all of your existing apps to make life much easier. “Alexa, play Pandora” (Pandora starts playing). “Alexa, what’s on my calendar” (You can hear what’s on your calendar for the day”), “Alexa, order a pizza” (A pizza arrives in 25 minutes). It’s is supremely useful when you don’t have any hands free, such as when you are cooking or running on the treadmill, and great for the chronically lazy such as ourselves.

We also suspect that Amazon will be offering several high-profile deals on Cyber Monday only offered via the Echo. If you wanted to purchase one, today’s the day to do it.