This Picture Of Beyoncé And Jay Z Has Everyone Going Crazy

Beyoncé doing just about anything can cause a stir online, especially across social media. Her latest “happening” was actually caused by something she does daily. She posts pictures of herself and her life in the “My Life” section of her website. Here latest series of photos have been documenting her family’s trip to Paris during the European leg of the Formation World tour. Her daily photos cover everything from Her and Jay Z being goofy on the beach to pictures of her daughter blue ivy. But there’s one photo in particular that’s driving the internet wild. Her picture on Monday set off a Social media meme storm, because the photographer included himself into the picture selfie style.

Jay Z can be seen in the mirror the mirror behind Beyonce as she gives her best sexy photo shoot pose. Beyoncé wearing a flowing teal dress and Jay Z doing the lean back to get the perfect angle in his blue striped shirt and slacks.

This simple photo of the two stars having fun with their camera phone then set off a flurry of twitter captioning and meme’s.

See the best captions we could find below:

Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 12.33.01 PM

The picture was posted then the comedy ensued with ‘caption that pic’ tweets.

Pokemon Tweets

Jay Z with photoshopped curves

Lemonade References

It reminds us of this video from “The Mystery Hour” called Instagram husband. It looks like Jay Z may be the most famous Instagram husband ever. As the video says, “Behind every cute girl on Instagram is a guy like me.” Way to support your lady Jay Z. Salute.