New York Man Shocked to Find Shallow Puddle On Street Corner Is Ankle-Deep

A New York man was standing at the corner of 8th Ave. and 57th street when he faced an ultimatum: follow the long conga line passing through the narrow passageway in a mountain of snow or wade through the puddle of slush.

“I said to myself that if I just walk on my tippi toes really fast through this puddle, I’ll be fine,” Jack Umbridge said.

Umbridge took a step into the puddle and his foot sunk ankle deep, soaking his entire ankle and pants.

“I was soaked the entire day,” he said. “Some people were asking in the office ‘What’s that smell?’ I knew it was my pants.”

New York City saw the second biggest snowstorm in the city’s history. But, the real trouble came after the storm as the city deals with Mt. Everest snow piles and Olympic-size pools of slush.