Facebook User Shocked to Learn Her Post Caused No Real Change

Source: iStock
Source: iStock

Margrot Striano, a 45-year-old stay at home mother from Boise, was puzzled to learn Friday that her Facebook post about gun rights caused no real change in public discourse nor in legislative acts.

“I truly believe owning a gun is a right, but when that right is abused, there should be limitations,” she wrote on Facebook. “Can you believe there were more shootings than days this year? That’s absurd to…” the post included the “See More” option, but we decided not read on.

Though the post received several likes and a rather lively debate about the topic, no new form of legislation was proposed in Congress. Guns are still legal under the second amendment.

“I was really shocked to hear nothing changed. I put a lot of thought into that Facebook update. I even used Spell Check,” Striano said after responding to the news.

A spokesperson at Facebook said the company will look into this matter further.