18 Times Food Lied Straight To Your Face


Anyone who has ever been on diet knows that food can be cruel. It can call out to you in the middle of the night like a siren from the sea temping to you to quench your craving. Our relationship with food is often like one of those twilightesque, star crossed lovers, tween love stories. No matter how much you know the relationship is doomed, fate seems to constantly be pushing you together. It is unavoidable and it will eventually suck you dry of all will power.

For those of you, like us, that have a messed up relationship with food, it will come to no surprise to you that food is constantly lying to our faces. Well, at least if you believe everything you read on BuzzFeed. Which we totally do, without question. Everything. BuzzFeed is the bible.

BuzzFeed has a new article that is going viral and trending all over the web. This is most likely because we can all relate to feeling of being lied to by our food, its packaging, and food companies in general. Like when as a kid you found out that chocolate milk doesn’t really come from brown cows, and your eyes were opened to the fact that your whole life had been one been joke for your parent’s amusement.

But I digress… Here are a few of our favorites from the “18 Times Food Lied Straight To Your Face.”

Grape-Nuts aren’t made from grapes or nuts.

No one knows for sure why they’re called Grape-Nuts, but some people have surmised it’s because they look similar to grape seeds.

Every Froot Loop tastes the same, despite the color differences.

They all taste like “a blend of fruit flavors” aka FROOT.

Twinkies CAN expire.

Most wasabi we consume in the US has little to no actual wasabi in it.

It’s a mixture of horseradish, mustard, and food dye.

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